Artillery Shells  
  Holy Cow!

One dozen very high quality and superb performing aerial shells.

A premium high quality performing aerial shell.  24 canister shells with totally awesome breaks


An assortment of shells from the maker of the Excalibur.
Single shot canister shells, double breaks and triple shots.  
This one has it all!
 Festival Balls
A six pack of the best we could find.
Shells fire high into the sky with different colors and hugh breaks.
The best bang for your buck.
Making fire.
Six triple break shells.   Just the right size to add fun to your show
Jumbo Bursts

.Ball style shells from 
Cutting Edge.
Large breaks & bright colors.
This kit features 12 double shots!
That's 24 colorful breaks in one
   Liberty Shells

This is one of the best box of 12  shells around.  
With hugh breaks and great colors


The new 5" artillery shell

The newest, biggest & baddest of the shells

Hear it Growl...