500 gram fountain.  
 Hugh spread and height. 
Long Lasting  over 2 minutes
Brillliant Color & crackles
Howler Fountain
Red, Green and Gold sparkling with crackling.
What just happened?
Lots of red, green and silver
sparkler with crackling.
500 gram fountain . 
Very high with intense crackles.
very long lasting
 House on Fire
Gold and silver sprays with large neon purple, green & red crackling needles.  Ends with a tall crackling finale.  Very good height.
 Pure Fantasy
Gold sprays with crackling, red & green stars and three large gold bursts.
Flying Ants
Red, green & purple pine needles
with crackling
not real loud.
China Town
Red with white strobes, green & blue with red strobes.   Crackling with gold sparklers.   Good height and bold colors.
Dazzling Diamonds
Brilliant red spray turning to gold & green followed by a high silver spray with crackling red & green strobes.
Americas Fountain
Gold & silver sprays changing to neon red, gold & blue lava drops
Large silver, red, green crackles & sparkles. Shoots 15' high with a large spread.
Colorful Dream
Silver, red,lemon and green with lots of bright sparklers & crackles.
World's Strongest Fountain
Red, blue & green stars with silver crackling.
Very strong finish of blue & green with a very high crackling spray.
Red, green, blue and gold sparklers
with crackle.
Princess Tiara
Gold, red and green sprays with gold pine needles, orange & blue peonies crackling.
Crushing Candy
Golden spray with red & gold.  Gold with red cracking & pine needles.
Flippin Awesome
Silver, blue & red with crackling chrysanthemums.
Eye Poppin
500 gram Fountain
Long lasting 
with lots of crackles
 Frisky Starburst
New fountain with bright color and  crackle
Purple Dragon  
Vibrant red, green, yellow, blue and purple fish.
over 1 minute of colored fish in the sky.
Go Girl Go
Red, green & yellow glittering then purple, blue, red & green pine needles.
Color Fiesta
Silver rain, colorful fish, red/white glitter, silver willows & gold crackle
Selfie Moment
Purple, silver blue and red crackling mines, long lasting
Yin Yang
Willow & fish effects
 in vibrant colors
True Kings
High golden sprays with silver crackling.  Green & red pearls inside
of tall crackling spray.
Golden spray with red sparkle, silver spray with green sparkle.  Shoots high and has a has great crackling. Lasts 2 minutes
Kodiak Killers
Silver, purple, gold, green sparklers & crackles.  Has a unique V shaped water fall spray 
Spring Festival
Lots of lemon, purple, green and red.   High silver sprays with lots of crackling