America's Pastime
Two levels..bright white mines, variegated peony, color bees, purple palms with red & white glitter
Very Long lasting.
American Riders
Red, white, blue, lemon & purple neon colors with palms, falling leaves, willows, crackle & glitter
Angry Beaver
Red, orange, silver, green & blue 
with red & green sparkling glitter.
Air Superiority
Red, silver, green blue 7 gold breaks.  Lots of shimmering colors, with big breaks. Very well timed.
Galaxy Buster
Red, green & silver breaks with crackling.  With a finale.
All Night Long
Gold & silver palms with red &  green tips.  Has a popcorn finale. 
 Big breaks & will timed.
Silver & gold breaks with lots of popcorn & crackle
Unleash the power
Red, green, yellow & blue  with gold & silver Palms.
With finale.
Captain Jake
Two levels of action.  Each shot has mines shooting up followed by a large break of gold & silver palms with red, green & silver popcorn.
Tank Girl
Lasting over 2 minutes!
Well paced multiple effects.
Blue & lemon glitter, green crackling, neon red & green palms, sparklers, popcorn & 
swimming fish.
Red, white & blue glittering.
Lemon with gold glitter, green glitter with gold palms
Red & blue silver glitter.
Courtesy of the Red-White-Blue

Colorful red, white and blue breaks,
with lots of silver sparklers & popcorn.
 United we Stand

Brilliant colors.  Volleys of red, green, blue & silver all with crackling popcorn
16 Large Brocades tipped in red & green,to blue & silver breaks.  You will want this one in your fireworks arsenal.
High Def  
An amazing variety of effects.  This 16 shot stunner will blow your mind.  

Tornado Strike
3" Brocade crown to lemon shots with gold palms, green glitter.  Popcorn & crackle
Fist Bump 
Large 3" shells with red & green breaks.  Silver with orange breaks.  Large gold willows with a 3 shot finale
 Heavy Handed
Beautiful green tipped mines & multi colored tipped willows
 America's Pastime
2 level bright white mines on lower level with peonies, color bees, purple palms with  red & white glitter above
 Trigger Happy
Red, lemon, green & gold sparklers with a brocade crown
Bullet Proof
Very large silver palms with red tips.  3 shot finale